Outsourcing Services

Our goal is help you transform your concept into a reality.

We work with broad spectrum of clients who are looking for 2D and 3D Art, Animation, Motion Capture and Programming services for video-games and Film / TV. Those clients include: Indie Game Studios, Universities, Architects, Design Agencies and more...

We’re able to deliver AAA standard assets using the latest technologies and are able to deliver high quality and optimised content for Mobile platforms, VR, Desktop PC and Console. If you’ve got a project that you’d like to discuss, please head over to our Contact page and get in touch.

Games we've worked on

  • The Colonists (Client: Code by Fire)
  • Doomstar (Client: Large Visible Machine)
  • Winter Hall (Client: Lost Forest Games)
  • RICO (Client: Ground Shatter)
  • Local Heroes (Client:Unchained Games)
  • A Chronicle of Misdeeds (Client: Nonagon)


Nils Helberg, Large Visible Machine

Meteor Pixel always delivers a fantastic service, with quick turn-around times and high-quality assets!

Richard Wallace, Code by Fire

Meteor Pixel are talented and efficient 3D modellers with a friendly professional attitude and are always a pleasure to work with.

Rob McLaughlin, Lost Forest Games

Meteor Pixel create optimized Unreal environment art on time and better than spec – I’m super pleased!

Constance Hall, Pretty Digital

Meteor Pixel are great to work with - lots of good ideas but also happy to listen to what you want first and try it out. They are skilled enough to offer really useful and creative suggestions.