Gnowhere to Hide

We're SUPER excited to announce that we're working on a brand-new IP, tentatively named Gnowhere to Hide (or G2H for short). The project is currently in the prototype phase and will be hitting Alpha at the end of Q1 2018 (or early Q2). 

Human Character WIP

Whilst we can't reveal too many details about the game, we can show you some screenshots of the prototype characters. First of all, meet Shaun - a hapless human survivor and one of the first people to encounter the deadly gnome uprising. The idea is that the game will eventually include a whole cast of human characters that players can choose from!

Gnome Character WIP

Next up is one of the Gnome models (WIP)! These cheeky looking chappies may look harmless, but watch out - they're masters of stealth and are simply biding their time until they can launch a surprise attack!

Other news

In addition to working on G2H our outsourcing work continues. We're working on a brand new showreel for our motion capture work so be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date.