News - September Update

This month we learnt how to walk like a dinosaur!

September's been another busy month for the team, as we juggle multiple projects across several different platforms. Work continues on projects such as The Colonists (nearing its early access release) and Winter Hall, but we also had the opportunity to work a fun educational project about Dinosaurs.

At the start of September we began a comission for the University College Cork's School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science. As part of their upcoming 'Walk like a Dinosaur' exhibit we designed a simple endless-runner style game that demonstrated how dinosaurs left different types of footprints for us to discover.

This was a fun project which challanged us with some pretty tight deadlines! But we're really happy with what we managed to produce and can't wait to see what the young adults and children visiting the exhibit will think of it.

Walk like a Dinosaur - University College Cork / Meteor Pixel

Walk like a Dinosaur - University College Cork / Meteor Pixel

Other news

Our SUPER-SECRET project is progressing nicely and we now have a fully functional prototype! We'll be announcing more details about this on the 31st of October, so make sure you're following us on Twitter or Facebook.

Thats all for now - see you soon!

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