Diode - Our global game jam entry

Always one of our favourite annual events, the 2018 Global Game Jam kicked off with a bang this year as the theme of 'Transmission' was revealved on Friday evening!

Budding up with long-time friend/collaborator Dave Hall (of Toxic Games, currently working on QUBE2), Dave and Sam decided to keep things simple with a tight little puzzle game that become known as Diode (from the Greek 'Di' which means two, and 'Ode' which means paths). Diode can be played cooperatively between two players or as a single-player game. Players simply have to use the two cube characters to reach each levels objective - but theres a twist! Each cube can only move along one axis (either X or Z). As such, players must work together and use the cubes in tandem with one another in order to beat each level.

You can download a build of the game here: https://globalgamejam.org/2018/games/diode (please appreciate that this is the result of 48 hours of development... its buggy, but beautiful).