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Transform your concept into a reality.

With over 25 years combined experience, our team of Artists and Programmers are able to deliver AAA-quality assets using the latest digital technologies. We work with broad spectrum of clients who are all looking for high quality (and affordable) 2D / 3D Art, Animation, Motion Capture and Programming services for video-games, interactive media and Film / TV. 

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Recent clients


Nils Helberg, Large Visible Machine

Meteor Pixel always delivers a fantastic service, with quick turn-around times and high-quality assets!

Richard Wallace, Code by Fire

Meteor Pixel are talented and efficient 3D modellers with a friendly professional attitude and are always a pleasure to work with.

Rob McLaughlin, Lost Forest Games

Meteor Pixel create optimized Unreal environment art on time and better than spec – I’m super pleased!

Constance Hall, Pretty Digital

Meteor Pixel are great to work with - lots of good ideas but also happy to listen to what you want first and try it out. They are skilled enough to offer really useful and creative suggestions.